A contingent from Stevenson's Regiment visited the Barracks the weekend of May 30-31. Five infantrymen and twelve drum & fife corp members were present. They paraded in the courtyard, played fife and drums on the balcony and made themselves available for Q&A from the public.

Following the Bear Flag Revolt June 14, 1846, the Barracks housed a number of Bear Flag followers until July 9th when the Stars and Stripes were first raised at Sonoma. Thereafter the Barracks were used by various U.S. military forces starting with the 50 men who made up Company "B", California Battalion Mounted Riflemen commanded by Lt. Joseph Revere, an officer in the U.S. Navy. In March 1847, these troops were replaced by Company "C" of Colonel Stevenson's New York Volunteer Regiment and in May, 1849, a 37-man company of U.S. dragoons moved into the building and established Camp Sonoma. Throughout the next few years Sonoma continued to be an important army post, and some of the officers who were stationed there became close friends of General Vallejo and his family.